The Key to Packaging your Amazon Products

It is no secret that Amazon is THE place for retailers to sell their items. Whether you are operating a clothing business, are a toy seller or are selling your own line of cosmetic products, ensuring your Amazon sales run smoothly is essential.

A significant part of that process is ensuring your products are packed, shipped and delivered correctly. This is why below, we provide a few packaging tips for those looking to sell their products via Amazon.


Remember, after ordering online the first contact your customers will have with your business is when they receive their package on their doorstep. This is why ensuring your packaging is celebratory of your brand is advisable, featuring your logo, brand colours as well as high-quality packaging material.


Colours have a huge impact on the way a product makes us feel.

Research has shown that packaging that is created from pastel colours evokes emotion, whether that be a pretty pink, pastel blue or a mellow yellow.

However, if you are looking to provide more of a high-end, luxury feel, going for black packaging may be worth consideration.

Sustainable packaging

Pretty much every consumer is looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit to save the environment. This is why steering away from plastic packaging options will only serve your brand well, showing that you are a responsible brand that understands the need to reduce plastic waste.

Overwhelmed with the idea of arranging packaging and shipping products? Did you know that when using Amazon’s FBA service, sellers can outsource the responsibilities that come with packaging, labelling and delivering goods, seeing Amazon take on these duties so that sellers can focus on selling!

However, to utilise this service, stock needs to be sent directly to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in an order in which Amazon will accept. This is something we at Let’s Fulfil can support you with.

Contact us today to discuss how your business can benefit from the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

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