Stock Storage Solutions for e-Commerce Businesses

Running an e-commerce business can be both challenging and rewarding in equal measures.

Whatever type of e-commerce business you run, looking after your stock will understandably be the priority, with stock being expensive to invest in and what makes your income to pay bills at the end of the month. This is why many e-commerce business owners tend to invest in storage solutions, ensuring their stock is stored in a way and at a location that makes sense to them as a business.

Here at Let’s Fulfil, we offer a range of stock storage solutions to our customers, giving them peace of mind that their items are safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Via our secure storage and warehousing facilities, businesses of all sizes can store items with us with ease.

You can either store your entire stock with us or drip feed stock to us on a weekly basis. It all depends on what suits your sales pattern best. What’s more, we can accept delivery of your goods directly from your manufacturer, requiring minimal effort from you!

Receiving your stock

If you wish to send us stock, we request that it arrives with us on ‘euro’ pallets. This makes for easy storage and allows us to easily re-pallet any deliveries if required. Please note that all stock deliveries are checked and scanned into our warehouse management system (WMS).

The benefits of stock storage

There are many benefits to investing in professional stock storage, especially when doing so via Let’s Fulfil.

These include:

  • Not having to store stock at home
  • Having your stock in a secure facility that is fully insured and covered by top-of-the-range security devices 
  • By not having to manage stock, business owners can focus on core business duties such as business growth and sales 


Integrate storage with a fulfilment service

While used by hundreds of businesses for our storage solutions, we are equally in demand for our fulfilment solution; two services that work incredibly well together. As well as keeping your stock stored, we can also pick, pack, and ship your orders out as and when they come in.

Contact us today for more details on any of our fulfilment of storage solutions.

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