Packing your Products: The Advantages of Sustainable Packaging

The way you present your product and your brand to a customer will have a direct impact on whether or not they become a repeat customer. This is why many businesses pay particular attention to the way in which they package their products. According to a recent survey, 72% of consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by its packaging. Below, we look at the many reasons why investing in sustainable packaging may be a good idea.

Reduce the ecological footprint of your business

Your brand ethos is something you will want to celebrate throughout your business. If you are passionate about the environment, investment in sustainable packaging will reinforce this business ethos, illustrating to your customers and competitors that you are actively doing something to reduce the ecological footprint of your business.

Join the fight to limit single-use plastic

The worldwide campaign to eradicate single-use plastic is well and truly on. To show your target audience that you are aware of such environmental and social issues will only serve you well. You can do so by not opting to use plastic in your packaging, using recyclable materials instead. Popular options include post-industrial recycled paper and cardboard.

Consumers pay more for green

Trends show that consumers are happy to pay more for products and product packaging that comes under the ‘green’ umbrella. This is worth noting if you are weighing up your packaging options. While sustainable packaging may cost slightly more than plastic alternatives, if consumers are willing to buy more if you are a ‘green’ company, surely it’s worth the initial packaging outlay?

Looking to outsource your product packaging and fulfilment?

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