How it Works

Receive & Store Your Goods

The first stage in utilising our fulfilment service is sending your goods to us. We currently have two strategic service hubs; one in Heathrow and another in the Midlands.

The way in which you want us to receive your stock is completely up to you. You can either redirect goods from your suppliers or send your existing stock to us; whatever makes the most sense to you, your business and your budget. Our team can also accept container deliveries directly from your manufacturer/manufacturers.

Please note that we prefer to accept stock on ‘euro’ pallets for ease of storage. We can re-pallet any deliveries if required. Our customers have the option to either store their entire stock with us or drip-feed stock to us on a weekly/monthly basis. This is dependent on what suits the business, its sales team and the frequency of sales.

Once we are in receipt of the goods, they will be stored in our secure storage and warehouse facilities that are covered by the most robust security systems. Stock deliveries are checked and scanned into our warehouse management system (WMS) within 24 hours of arrival. This means if any discrepancies are found between what the customer was expecting us to receive and what we’ve received, they will be identified immediately. If a detailed item count or QC checks need to be carried out, our team can take care of this straight away. Once logged in our WMS system, customers can keep track of their stock holding 24/7 through our custom CRM system. This gives a near real-time stock accuracy down to individual SKU level.

Receive Your Online Orders

When we have received your goods at our warehouse, we are ready to process your online orders.

Having devised a tech-based, forward-thinking online system, we can also keep track of customer orders in real-time, ensuring products are arranged accordingly and no orders ever slip through the net.

Customer orders will either be automated directly from your shopping cart, or through the secure upload of a CSV file. This will be managed via our unique system that is both user-friendly and compatible with a variety of devices. This means wherever you are, you can keep track of orders and processes with the click of a button!

Prep – Pick & Pack Your Goods

Now that your order information is with us, we can begin to arrange your products in line with predetermined requirements. This includes ensuring the correct stock-picking lists, shipping labels and dispatch notes are printed and the necessary stock is pulled from storage and matched to each customer order.

Your orders are then carefully packed using the specific packing guidelines pre-agreed with you, all of which are fully documented.

Once packed and prepared for shipping, orders are collected by our courier partners and marked as ‘shipped’ in our CRM system.

In addition to single item pick and pack, we can also manage multi-item picks as well as add in promotional materials. There is also the option to opt for bespoke packaging such as the wrapping of individual items in protective packaging, tissue and building gift boxes. Again, this can all be discussed with our team prior to coming on board.

Fulfil to Your Customer or Amazon FBA Centre

Once we have prepared, picked and packed your goods at our warehouse, we are at the stage where we can fulfil your orders, whether that means shipping items directly to the end customer or to a fulfilment location such as one of Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres.

In the UK, we offer large letter post, tracked parcel, tracked and signed parcel fulfilment services, with a range of time options available. These include next day, 24-hour delivery, 48-hour delivery as well as 3 days and upwards.

What’s more, all of these orders are tracked and can be monitored by both the seller and the customer, with our sleek system ensuring everyone is kept in the loop and all parties are fulfilled!

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