How to Package your Products Safely for Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you will understandably want every sale you process to run like clockwork. This is why ensuring your team, shipping process and customer service is in order will be a priority.

This is especially true if you are utilising one of Amazon’s FBA programs. With the FBA service coming with a variety of advantages, ensuring Amazon receives products in the right manner is essential. Below, we look at some of Amazon’s most notable packaging requirements for FBA.

FBA packaging requirements

  • All boxes must be a six-sided box with all compartments and flaps in full working order 
  • Packages are to have just one single address label attached
  • Every box must include an FBA shipment label printed from the Shipping Queue
  • When reusing old boxes, all old materials and information need to be removed.
  • Packaging materials approved for use include polyethylene foam sheeting, inflatable air pillows, paper sheets and bubble wrap.


Packing peanuts

Amazon is very clear about its packing peanuts policy, and will not accept packaging that includes the following:

  • Foam strips
  • Crinkle wrap
  • Shredded paper
  • Styrofoam


Packaging individual products

Please note that when packing individual products, each item needs to be labelled with a barcode. It is advised that sellers use laserjet printers to ensure barcodes do not fade and can be clearly identified and scanned.

Need help with packaging your products for FBA?

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As part of our service, we take delivery of sellers’ stock and prepare it in line with Amazon’s strict requirements. This in turn gives sellers the freedom and headspace to focus on creating stock and making sales.

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