How to Market your Amazon Page

Have you recently set up as an Amazon seller? If so, you will no doubt be excited by the prospect of all of those sales and customers! While Amazon itself will help with pushing your products to your target market, there are various other ways in which you can help your Amazon page and increase the reach of your listings.

Below, we look at just a few!

Social media

Social media should be at the centre of your marketing strategy, no matter what your business or product. By regularly posting on your timeline and into social media groups, you can ensure your products are being seen by as many eyes as possible.

And remember, by using the right, relevant hashtags, you can increase that reach even further!


The majority of UK consumers will take the time to read reviews left about a product before they part with their money and make an order. This is why as a seller, encouraging happy customers to leave reviews is always a good tactic.

Utilise the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service

Have you heard of the Fulfilment by Amazon (FAB) service? This is a service designed by Amazon to help sellers sell more products and distribute them professionally to customers. Seeing Amazon take on the duties of packaging, shipping and customer service, this allows sellers to focus on getting stock levels in order and marketing their Amazon listings.

Here at Let’s Fulfil, we help Amazon sellers take advantage of FAB, taking delivery of their stock before it goes to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Once in possession of the stock, we will arrange it in order with Amazon’s guidelines. With complex requirements regarding packaging, shipping, labelling and inventory paperwork, we help businesses to focus on what they are good at, making and selling products.

To discuss our services in more depth, contact us today!

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