Alternatives to Amazon (FBA)

If you are a retail business, you will no doubt have heard of the Fulfilment from Amazon (FBA) service; a business service whereby Amazon takes control of the storing, packing and shipping of your products to customers. While boasting one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world, many retailers, especially smaller businesses and startups, find FBA to be quite expensive. This is why we are seeing a huge spike in the number of sellers seeking alternatives to FBA.

Managing your sales pipeline and distribution yourself

For smaller outfits, being responsible for stock levels, orders and shipping is manageable. However, if you have huge growth plans and your order numbers are growing rapidly, you may want to reconsider this. This is because the process of managing stock, packing and shipping can be a full-time job in itself. Plus, making mistakes and oversights in this process can cost you customers and that’s the last thing ANY growing brand wants. So, while managing the fulfilment of orders yourself will be more competitive, it could cost you in the long run if you do not have a strong process in place.

Find a multi-channel fulfilment company

Here at Let’s Fulfil, we are a multi-channel fulfilment company. This means we can offer a variety of integrations including Amazon, eBay and Shopify, or can create a bespoke integration for your business.

Managing your sales funnel to its entirety, our team will utilise their decades of retail, e-commerce and warehousing experience, ensuring your orders are fulfilled promptly and professionally every time. With two fulfilment centres in the UK, paired with our world-leading stock management technology, we allow our customers to focus on what matters; making and selling great products!

Enquire about our fulfilment services

To discuss your business’ fulfilment requirements, or to learn more about our process and fees, contact our team of experts today.

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